VICKS started functioning after a break

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VICKS was not functioning from May’14 due to operational difficulties. We were taken background efforts to run it, also few individuals shown interest to run VICKS (both options were not succeeded).

Later we overall office bearers identified Mr.Godwin as local person to function the VICKS regular activities and it started functioning a week back.

Jegan G, behalf of VACOVIDS

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  1. Lenin Simon

    Mr. VACOVIDS President (Jegan Gabriel),

    I saw your above message and thought that overall office bearers had identified Mr. Godwin from Marthandanthurai as the replacement of old VICKS staff Mrs. Dina. So I was happy that the office bearers are proceeding the organization in a good way.

    But 3 or 4 weeks before I heard the news that the VICKS office had sold to Mr. Godwin George for just Rs: 750 per month and I confirmed the same with you (Jegan Gabriel) over the phone conversation.

    Mr. VACOVIDS President, please see my below clarification…

    What made you people to sell this organization (which contains around two lakhs worth material) just for Rs: 750? I believe the bank interest for 2lakhs is more than Rs: 750.

    Who are all the office bearers are part of this discussion, because I discussed with three office bearer about this and they were not aware of any kind of such discussion. What is going on??

    Did we ask any advice/guidance from advisory council? If not why??

    We are using this website for discussing many things and also as a notice board. But there is no message or discussion about this selling of VICKS. May I know the reason please? Is it some kind of confidential?

    Why did you people hided this VICKS office Selling information from all?

    Did all vallavilaian’s across different countries, contributed money to build this organization and sell it to a Marthandanthurai guy for Rs: 750? So one guy who invested nothing and earning more using VICKS name. Because we all build the organization for our vallavilai people, now one individual is benefiting.

    This VICKS is sold to one individual and the VICKS name board is still not removed, don’t the people think, VICKS is opened for vallavilai people and charging more?

    Mr. VACOVIDS President, please clarify the above and correct me if I am wrong.

    As you all aware, this VICKS is started for our people and we contributed our money. Many contributors were not known to the Fund Raising Committee, but they contributed only with hope that this money will to raise an organization and which will help our people and our youngsters.

    But today I felt that it is misused. Please correct me if I am wrong and please add your valuable comments.


  2. Prabin Yovan

    I am totally agree with Mr.Lenin. Thanks Lenin for bringing up.

    In the beginning I thought, we are getting a nominal amount from Godwin, but later only came to know we are receiving INR 750.00 only as profit which is very low and not acceptable. Moreover, this deal is not good. And there is not agreement made between VACOVIDS and Mr.Godwin on running VICKS.

    Who will be responsible for the goods worth INR 2,00,000.00 if something goes wrong or damaged ? As Mr.Lenin mentioned, VICKS has been created for the benefits of people in Vallavilai.

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