VACOVIDS Minutes of Meeting – 6th Feb 2016

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  1. John Fredy Simon

    Thanks Jegan for the well captured minutes of meeting and the direction.

  2. Nice to see the minutes !!
    Also take necessary action to share the Accounts related to VICKS separately.

  3. Prabin Yovan

    Please share account details of VICKS till dated.

  4. John Fredy Simon

    Yesudas, as you are working on sharing the balance sheet, can you please share two sheets – one with the details for up to May 2015 and another one covering June 2015 – til date? This will give more clarity to the members on income & expenditure from the initial mode of operation and the current one which is in place from June 2015.

  5. Congrats Jagan, fredy, Jose and Yesudas for paying their fees and subsription on time !!. You are always models for others.
    Meantime the huge gap occured in collecting the fee and subscription need to be evaluated criticaly.

    Before asking the other members to pay their dues by this month end; its better the OBs shall present the balance sheet and geit audited by an internal team including members other than OBs, as there is allegations on functioning of VICKS.

  6. Jegan Gabriel

    Berkmense, we appreciate your freedom of expression.
    Presenting the balance sheet is the responsibility of the OBs. Paying the subscription is the responsibility of every member. We should not make them interdependent. Both should be done in timely manner to address any outstanding.

    Balance sheet is being consolidated and will be shared with the members by this week. Meanwhile, members will continue to pay VACOVIDS subscription.

    Note: We have not spent anything for VICKS since June 2015 and we are not foreseeing any expense at least for up to May 2016.

  7. Dear ones, Glad to meet you all after a long time. Our organization was dormant for sometimes. Now it has emerged with new energy. Let us aim at the bright future and the services we are going to render. Unite together for the betterment of society and self. OB has taken the venture of purifying the organization and to lead in the right path. Congrats to OB. Good initiative.

  8. Nice to see the minutes of meeting

  9. Jegan Gabriel

    Dear Friends, our First Newsletter circular has been sent to all our VACOVIDS members through email. Please have look in and give you feedback

  10. Prabin Yovan

    Any progress on Election ??

    • Hi Prabin,

      We had achievable steps with timelines. Membership consolidation – April 2016. Election – May 2016. Here, we couldn’t complete the first step within the timeline. We had only 9 out of 56 members cleared their subscription at that time. That count won’t be sufficient to conduct the election. We have to think of achievable alternate dates for the activities to accomplish them.

      Visit the status of subscription via: > About Us > Member Roaster & Fees

  11. Lenin Simon

    Mr. President,

    Prabin asked about the election progress, no response till today. Your reply would be appreciated.

  12. Prabin Yovan

    Thanks Fredy for the information on election. But I am wondering why VICKS is still running by Godwin. If you guys thought the count was not enough to conduct the election, why didn’t you guys stop the VICKS being operated by your nephew? Do you need more counts to stop that too? Please keep in mind that, VICKS was created to help all common people from Vallavialai from the fund collected from the people who thought to help Vallavilai people. I hope, a necessary action will be taken on VICKS functioning. Common people started asking question why that is being run by Fredy’s nephew. We all have responsibility to answer that question.

    Thanks again for the info.

  13. Antonydason

    Dear Friends,

    Hope this message will surprise you, bcos after long time I am responding.

    Godwin is Mr.George son, and son in law of Fredy.

    Other members may raise question why we should give to his relative. This decision makes negative feedback about the organization.

    Kindly re think.

    I will clear my subscriptions on this month end itself.


  14. Dear Prabin and Bro. Antonydason,

    We all joined with genuine interest to help our society with our knowledge and resources. VICKS was our long term project established with the aim of serving people in native and thus generate income to run other welfare projects of VACOVIDS without depending much on further funds from well wishers.

    We operated VICKS with hired staff for two years, with much of struggle. The organisation beared the loss of more than 40 thousand rupees. Then VICKS was in shutdown mode for more than one year, even after much of trials to revive it.

    Then, it was moved into the current running model – services continued – VACOVIDS getting constant income – we balanced the loss we made –

    We thought of different options:

    – Handing over the equipments to Vallavilai school – we got advise from teachers there that they couldn’t manage few computers donated by Vallavilai Welfare Association. They said it will go waste.

    – We thought of donating the equipments to the Library – got a feedback stating that Library is not able to maintain the usual things, these equipments will go waste.

    Thus, the current model came into effect.. only with the interest of serving the people and making use of the resources we have.

    Closing down will not require more effort. While we think of closing down, can you suggest some possible ways to better utilise the resources we have and a way to run it?

    Share your healthy suggestions freely. We all will achieve it together.

  15. Lenin Simon

    Hi Fredy,

    First CLOSE the VICKS OFFICE, Then come to discussion.

    It would be fair if you office bearers have clarified I have raised…see the below link and clarify if possible.

    Till Mar 2014, the VICKS was functioning after that it was doomed. Do you remember when you took the oath and what is the office bearer tenure period? If you office bearers had conducted the election then there would not be shut down and lose.

    i say, shut down and lose of 40k rupees, happened only because of you people. Because of you people, the entire organization is screwed.

    Do you think we created the organization is for your nephew? do you think we collected money from known and unknown good people for your family??

    Let’s discuss anything whichever needed after RECOVERING the VICKS office from Joint. Secretary’s Nephew.

  16. Prabin Yovan

    Dear Fredy,
    We all already knew the old stories you told. First CLOSE VICKS as you great Overall OBs decided in your recent get together. Common people from Vallavilai started asking questions about that why it was handed over to your nephew.

    Let’s close the VICKS now, and discuss on further activities.


    Dear Friends,
    Let us make constructive suggestions rather than emotional. Propose an effective and feasible model with a person of the organization to whom it is entrusted and made responsible. We should also remember the situation in which the rent and electric charges were met by the organization’s fund by which many people might have been benefited. We should appreciate the office bearers for retaining the VICKS so far. VICKS is not the property of an individual and should not be handled by an individual. If an individual is dominating the activities, it shows the inability of the other members of the organization. CLOSING may not be a wise decision again. VICKS is run nowadays with the hidden slogan “Something is better than nothing”. If you are again aiming at nothing, that is left to your decision. The power and the decision making are vested to members and not to an individual. The arrangement made was only temporary and the person running the VICKS is considered as the partner of the organization to run the VICKS. Again CLOSING cannot be done based on individual’s intentions but by proved scientific methods. Hereby I acknowledge my inability to render support the services of VICKS in the past and future. Let us be united and always remember “Union is strength”.
    With Regards,

  18. Prabin Yovan

    Dear Franklin Bro,

    My intention was not to close VICKS. We have raised the question agianst why it has been given to Godwin just for 650 rupees. No matter who runs it, rather how much we are getting from it. Do you think 650 rupees is enough income for the goods worth 2 Lakhs?

    We brought up this few months back to everyone’s attention and Overall OB decided it to close by June how the way it works. Now what happen? Does that happen? Does OBs took any step on that to keep up the word they promised/decided? Hope you were also in that email chain. Even the advisory council people were not happy with that.

    If they closed stop VICKS being operated by Godwin by June as they promised, we would have taken another step to continue that. Even now, the President and Secreted on silent. There is no response from them, but happy at least Jt.Secretery is responding.

    Remember, how we made VICKS. Think of an interest of 2Lakhs per month. Do you think, Godwin is not making money from it? Do you think he is doing service to the people as we did as a VICKS. For him, VICKs is an income without any investment from his hand. But for us, VICKS is an treasure we gave to our people to gave us Church, Library, School and Playground.

    Never let any individual get benefit from there.

    First think and understand why we are against that.

    Think of it.


  19. Hi Franklin,
    You have shown a great responsibility in passing on responsible message. It makes lot of sense.

    Hi Prabin,
    As a tresure of one of the regions of VACOVIDS, you should report correct figures. Please refer the balance sheet that was shared in the last quarter. VACOVIDS receives Rs 1350/- per month (not 650). Invesment made is ~Rs 1.44 lakhs (not 2 lanks). Incorrect details may cause confusion.

    Can you please go back and read the order of events mentioned under “Decisions” of the DF post? We haven’t met criteria to have election as planned by June 2016. If it would have happened, the new OBs would have lead the organisation and its activities (may be) better.

    VICKS was in shut-down mode for about 1 year. Can we do a self-evaluation and share what have we done to revive it?

    Quoting Franklin’s lines here..
    “The arrangement made was only temporary and the person running the VICKS is considered as the partner of the organization to run the VICKS. Again CLOSING cannot be done based on individual’s intentions but by proved scientific methods.”

    What can we do to better place ourselves to utilise our capabilities and resources for the empowerment of people? Share healthy suggestions. We can work together.

  20. Lenin Simon

    ரொம்ப சரியாக…
    .. message under moderation for a through review…

  21. Lenin Simon

    Hi All,

    Someone is editing my content. This is really creepy.

  22. Jose Savariyappan

    Dear Lenin/Prabin,

    It is phenomenal if you approach some alternate manner to execute VICKS by moderately and victoriously rather than CLOSE or SHUTDOWN. The current VICKS execution setup has been implemented based on the process which we posted in email and websites under title “New Plan for VICKS”.

    We repeatedly mentioning, closing VICKS will let into financial crunch in VACOVIDS by paying rent and electrical charges, and more importantly the equipment we have will be damaged badly when they are not regularly used. So requesting you to propose alternative design to utilise resources and let us get it evaluated within the OBs and present with Advisory Council for the evaluation.

    Let us make this conversation healthy by avoid pointing individuals as all justification and clarification were given with Knowledge of OB members.

    General Secretary

  23. Berkmense

    Dear Jose , General Secretary, VACOVIDS

    Lets discuss, why the members are not paying/stopped paying the monthly subscriptions , have they lost faith in the present OBs, Is operational failure of VICKS the reason behind loosing faith. Was that bcoz , VICKS was given to the current running model???

    self analysis at this point highly essential from OBs. The overall OBs should take take critics by Lenin and Prabin positively. They might be representing those, who are not ready to pay their subscriptions anymore. The silence of good hearts who contributed for VICKS so far doesn’t means, the overall OBs are right. The Overall OBs shall convene at least a single general body meeting to settle the issues , instead of moderating the views of unhappy members in this forum.

  24. Jose Savariyappan

    Dear Berkmense,

    Thanks for commenting and it is expressing your diligence of VACOVIDS and VICKS.

    At the same time, piecing together subscription and VICKS is not a good sign and most of the members have not paid their subscription before starting VICKS itself including office bearers.When we take a specific look (may be an example), you have not paid subscription after Dec 2011. Does that mean you lost faith in VACOVIDS OBs from that period?
    Why there is so much of outstanding subscription? We all need to find the reason our self. Paying subscription can be inspired by members, if office bearers pays their subscription on regular basis.

    By the way, the issue can be resolved by restructuring of current VICKS execution model. We are proposing to execute VICKS directly by VACOVIDS under monitor of Vallavilai office bearers like our initial execution setup. It was proved,VICKS cannot be execute directly by VACOVIDS without administering support from Vallavilai office bearers. As a treasurer of VACOVIDS Vallavilai region, can you discuss with other office bearers of Vallavilai and come up with plan to execute VICKS. We will contribute our adequate prop which ever is possible by remotely. Lets equip the VICKS by involving Lenin and Prabin in the restructuring activities.

    Your proposal for a GB is good. We can plan for one. We will get back on this in timely manner.
    As I said before, let us make this conversation healthy by avoid pointing individuals. We have to maintain decorum of a good forum.

    I am not expecting a quick reply. if you can respond after discussing with Vallavilai Region office bearers it will help the organization a lot.


  25. Dear Jose,

    Thanks for the reply

    VICKS was established from subscription amount from its members , not from any individuals. The real motto behind VICKS is to help vallavilai people by creating some income from its day to day operations. But now the motto has totally changed as expected and I am happy that I have stopped paying subscription after Dec 2011. It is really unfortunate that the Overall OBs could not found the reason, why the members including Regional OBs are not paying the subscription and still continuing after delaying election assuming it as their privilege.

    Atlast, they do remember there is something called Vallavilai Region OBs , so they could consult for revamping VICKS. They should have shown some maturity to consult Vallavilai Region OBs including the President and Secretary. Might be bcoz you found they too not paid their subscription.

    Election afterwards the general body is the right option, can be followed before restructuring of current VICKS execution model.

  26. ​I am Sunil, one wellwisher of I am not a​ member. I visit regularly. I participated in organization formation in the active conversations. I remember mos of tthe series of conversation on this website. I referred the way the people in plan and execute something for the people.
    My two paise worth of suggestion. All organizations will have up and down. I am not saying this organization went up or down. Couple of guys raised some questions. I dont know whether those points are correct or wrong. If they can tell good suggestion in addition to the questions they asked it will be useful.
    I read the constitution of in the old site(dont know why it is not in the new site) and i am remembering most of the points. I didnot see any queries from the people paying monthly payment. Two out of 3 people asked questions did not pay monthly payment. I refereed details from website. Rs 50 per month. Ship model making caption is “Be a model to make a model”. We should try to follow this.
    I told the model and approach with few of my social friends. Infact one other organization adopted many of your approach.
    My 2 paise worth suggestion to those who are in positions..
    1. Give a time for the mebers to pay the mothly mayment. (date mm/dd/yy)
    2. People dont pay the monthly payment by the date in point 1, they will not be members.
    3. After the date mentioned in point 1, you will have actually interested people to share honest opinion for the growth of the organization.
    4. After point 1 to 3, do anything else.
    (You all have right to follow or reject my suggestions.) All the best all of you.

  27. Jose Savariyappan

    Thanks Berkmense for suggesting the conclusion ,

    Your last line in your comment makes lot of sense.

    “Election afterwards the general body is the right option, can be followed before restructuring of current VICKS execution model.”

    Activities in order in the above one-line statement are:
    General body
    Restructuring of current VICKS execution model

    Can we include ‘Timeline for the subscription’ also before election? Because as per our constitution, members should not have than 10 months pending subscription to participate in election.

    Can you please suggest a feasible timeline for the above? If required, consult with other OBs of Vallavilai Regions and suggest us.


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