VACOVIDS – Meeting – 31 Mar 2018

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Dear Members and Well wishers,


I would like to invite you on behalf of the organization to attend VACOVIDS meeting which is scheduled for the 31st of Mar 2018.
Requesting your presence for this meeting to make some important decision and continue the VACOVIDS service better.


Venue & Time: Will be announced shortly.
The Agenda points are,
    1. VICKS/Geo contract renewal 
    –  VICKS’s account should be audited/reviewed
    – The current VICKS operation has been established with contract basis and it is  expired .
    – Decision need to taken at this point to continue/renew the contract with Geo
    2. Maintenance/Disposal of unused hardware peripherals
    – Most of the peripherals are badly damaged due to lack of adequate maintenance
    – Decision need to taken at this point to repair/maintenance or to dispose unused peripherals
    3. OCKHI cyclelone rehabilitation
    4. Future activities
    5. Luminous Parental Award
    6.  John Fredy’s Memorial Award
    7. VACOVIDS membership
    8 . Other discussion
Thanks & Regards,
Jose Savariyappan
General Secretary, VACOVIDS

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  1. Jose Savariyappan

    The meeting has been scheduled 4.00 PM @ VACOVIDS Office, Vallavilai.

    Please reach out to Mr. Franklin on his phone for any query/question:
    +91 9489566926

  2. Franklin D

    Minutes of meeting of VACCOVIDS held on 31st March 2028.

    The meeting started at 4.30pm at VACCOVIDS office with a prayer and Bible reading. The following points are discussed.

    1. The organisation should be active and help society.

    2. Various ways and means to help unemployed youths are being discussed.

    3. The VICKS is substitution of other services already available to our village. Thus it may run according to the decision of office bearers. Development in the VICKS is not essential.

    4.Disposal of unused article can be done according to the decision of office bearers.
    5.Luminous Parent Award will continue as it is.

    6.John Fredy Memorial Award can be planned to the students in the degree level.

    7.Quiz program should be conducted every year. This year it should be conducted in the early weeks of May.

    8.The awareness regarding the employment opportunities should be spread among unemployed youths. A notice board is to be placed and employment opportunities are pasted so everyone can see. Registration for jobs can be done and guidance class may be arranged if needed.

    9. A room in Chennai may be hired on behalf of organisation so as it will be helpful for youths searching jobs at Chennai. Considering the financial condition, it is included in the future activities.

    10. A file may be provided to all students passing 10th and 12th examination. It will also done in future if necessary.

    The meeting concluded at 6.30pm. Many Good hearted people with an intention of helping youths participated and gave their valuable ideas and time.

    Thankyou all.

    Meeting coordinator.

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