Summer Quiz 2016 & Career Guidance Seminar

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As discussed in meeting of overall office bearers held in Chennai on 6-Feb-2016, we are now kick starting the preparation for Summer Quiz 2016 & Career Guidance Seminar.

Summer Quiz 2016 & Career Guidance Seminar is to be conducted in a day in a weekend between 1-May-2016 and 15-May-2016.

We had three categories of participants covering students from 6th standard to degree & above. We received feedback last year to include another category to cover students up-to 5th standard. The feedback has been considered. This years event will have the following 4 categories.

1. Students up-to 5th standard
2. 6th – 9th standard
3. 10th – 12th standard
4. Degree & above

First round will be written and the final round will be oral with audio-visual rounds. Any number of participants can attend from one village. Final round will be among top 5 teams from top 5 villages. Certificate, trophy, cash award and books will be given to the top three teams in all categories. Other teams qualify for the final will also get prizes. Lunch and refreshments will be provided to all participants.

We invite organizations and groups to join as co-organizers and welcome everyone to contribute in all possible ways to make this event a very useful one for the students community

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  1. Jegan Gabriel

    It is good boosting and motivation for the students to improve their general knowledge. Let us do our best to uplift the environment


    Good initiative by the office bearers. Congratulations to all office bearers for taking the risk of conducting an event. Please tell the date and venue in the earliest possible so that participants get prepared.

  3. John Fredy Simon

    Very good. We can work together to make this event a very useful.

  4. Prabin Yovan

    Great to hear! Let’s do it together!

  5. can you tell the exact date of this program

  6. Raju Stephen

    Excellent. Let’s welcome it

  7. Dhul Dhul Charity Trust

    Is this event is only for Christians or for everyone (Including non christians) from our village..??

    • John Fredy Simon

      All the programmes offered by this organization are open for everyone!

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