Mother Ship for KK fishermen

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This information is provided by Johnson R Franklin,Canada.

Background: Our fishermen are engaged in three types of fishing: 1. subsistence fisheries engaged in day-to-day fishing mainly within the 12 Knots from shore;  2. Small scale fisheries, mainly engaged in livelihood fishing within the Indian EEZ; and 3. Artisan deep sea fisheries using mechanized boats up to 65 feet and fishing beyond the Indian EEZ.   About 588 fishing boats are operated by eight villages of Neerodi to Eraymanthurai beyond Indian EEZ.  They have developed indigenous fishing methods well beyond the practices of other Indian fishermen. Over the years, they have perfected an indigenous fishing using mechanized boats beyond the Indian EEZ.

Due to new regulations, our deep sea fishermen are faced with two choices: (1) Upgrade their boats to modern deep sea standards, which will cost up to Rs.1.0 crore, depending high interest money lenders, OR (2) Associate with a Mother ship operations using their normal type of fishing boats.

Can you please take note of the Tamil Nadu govt’s tender notification of Mother Ship for KK fishermen within 50 to 100 knots.  If you all think it is a good thing for our fishermen community AND if local leadership is spearheading this initiative, I can also help with organizing proper ship for such service.  One note of caution: I understand TN govt has jurisdiction up to 12 knots, and it needs GOI consent.  Mid Sea Fish Processing Services through Carrier Mother Vessels at Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu

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  1. John Fredy Simon

    Johnson has always been coming out with extraordinary projects / thoughts which are related to our people. I had a glance at the TN Govt proposal doc from the link given in the article. Though the dates have passed, I hope Johnson will lead a discussion which will enlighten us on the affair which is expected to help the Fishing industry and the consumers to have fresh fish.

  2. Johnson RF

    A Chennai based group, who is bidding this project, visited me at Vallavilai and had a good discussion on the project and its implementation. They are keen on getting the support of my group. If there is anything you need to know or be part of this project, let me know. JRF

  3. Edwin Jerome

    good suggestion

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