John Fredy Simon – Jul 1978 to Feb 2018

John Fredy Simon – Jul 1978 to Feb 2018

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Our beloved friend, brother, mentor and the ever charismatic John Fredy Simon has passed away on February 28, 2018 due to cancer while working in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He was survived by his wife Roji and two daughters, Brenda and Angela. He was one of the founding members of and VACOVIDS and was instrumental in bringing the members of this group together for more than a decade.

Fredy has been a mentor and friend to many of us and brought out the best in everyone. He was the epitome of selfless service and decency. From a very young age, he was brought up with high ideals and life goals and has excelled in every part of his life. He has displayed great leadership qualities from his young age and has helped and mentored many of his friends.

Fredy will be always remembered by everyone for his very charismatic smile and positive attitude. His memories will live forever with us through the many initiatives that he helped start. Let us keep the light on!

Fredy’s funeral was at Vallavilai St.Mary’s Church on March 3, 2018 at 4:00 PM.

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  1. Dear Friend Fredy,
    I miss you a lot and it was really socking news when i heard about your demise. You were there for me whenever i was in difficult situation to guide me and support me. Your inspiration is always within me through out my life. You are the mentor too. You were the main pillar to bring up the thought about VACOVIDS and formation of it as the registered society. Without you we cannot thing about it, through which to support our society and youngsters. We always remember your valuable thoughts to lift up our society.

  2. Jose Savariyappan

    Fredy, I do not have words to express for your demise. You trained me strong enough to get the
    job in IT and I heighten with your guidance and an advice. Still I am seeking your advice; tell me ,what can I do now?.

    You were the teacher, friend and good mentor for many people like me; we inspired by your innovative ideas
    and thoughts to help our society through VACOVIDS ( We have no substitute on you .

    You will be always in our eyes. We will continue our service through VACOVIDS with your memories.

  3. அன்பு

    பிரிவு என்பது யாராலும் முறுக்க முடியாத வலி. நினைவு என்பது யாராலும் திருடமுடியாத பொக்கிஷம்.
    அன்புடன் உன் ஆன்ம.

  4. Robin. S - Thoothoor

    Fredy is one of my family friend, it is my great lose on his demise. I have learn lot from him, and have enjoyed with his many happy moments, but he never share his illness. It is my unexpected lose. I pray God for his soul rest in peace.

  5. My Beloved Brother Fredy,

    Miss you a lot my dear and it was a shocking news and unable to realize this. You are still in our mind and living with your trade mark smile. I was admired many things from you. You are one of the members in my family. Sorry dear unable to write more about you at this stage , my eyes are filled with tears. You are still with us….How can I hear your trade mark first sentence whenever you called me.

  6. Vareethiah Konstantine

    John Fredy Simon (B. 1978)

    The ambassador of humanism. A man of charisma, he had committed himself to the community while at the same time transcending parochialism. Always evinced a spirit of optimism that was infectious.
    The person behind great community ventures. The man who made impossible things possible. Good example of lateral thinking. Was a development icon. He put other people before himself. He was a prime source of support behind all that I have ventured in coastal literary field. A great friend I was never prepared to lose. He had mastered the art of conversation. In times of difficulties he used to smile away my pains. A GREAT PERSONAL LOSS TO ME BESIDES THE FAMILY’S.
    The good works initiated by him must be taken forward.

  7. Ajay Ghosh

    Our hearty condolences and prayers for our dear Fredy and his family. Fredy was a very active member of Enthurai, created and maintained our website and effectively engaged us all in active communication.
    Spoke with Fredy 2 days before he had left us. He was his usual witty self. Minimising his pain and eager to know about everyone else and sincerely enquiring about the wellbeing of everyone else.

    A truly talented and committed friend. We will truly miss him. May his good soul rest in the peace of Christ. Ajay Ghosh

  8. Edwin Lourdes Joseph

    Fredy was an excellent mix of superior qualities: intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, smartness, humour, courage, benevolence, charity, flexibility, perseverance, etc. He spread positive vibes and happiness wherever he went or whoever he mingled with. His personality had several dimensions, and he got along well with a variety of people. He was a rare breed who excelled in all his roles and strong glue connecting incompatible people.
    Fredy cared more about others, be it a family member, relative, friend, community or even a random person, than he did for himself. He was man of action, not just words. was always one of his priorities, which stemmed from his intention to uplift the people around him.
    God loves Fredy more than we do, may his soul rest in peace. Fredy has left us a legacy of love and selfless-service, which we all should continue.


    அன்பு நண்பன் ஜான்ஃபிரடி
    இவ்வேளையில் என்ன கூறவேண்டும்?
    அன்புள்ளம் கொண்ட அஞ்சா நெஞ்சனே!
    அனைவருக்கும் விளக்காய் இருந்தாய் நீ!

    புன்முறுவல் பூத்த முகமும்
    சிந்தனையில் செழிப்பும் தானே உன் தனித்தன்மை!
    வள்ளவிளையில் பிறந்து வல்லவனாக உலகெங்கும்
    வலம் வந்த நீ ! வள்ளவிளைக்கே வந்துவிட்டாய் !
    நாங்கள் உன்னை வழி அனுப்ப!

    உரிய இடத்திலிருந்து உனக்குக் கிடைத்துள்ள
    அந்தப் பெரிய கெளரவம்
    உலகம் உள்ளவரை உன் பெயரை உரைத்துக்கொண்டிருக்கும்!

    தூத்தூர் தூய யூதாக் கல்லூரியில் பட்டம் படித்து
    திருச்சி தூய வளனார் கல்லூரியில் உயர் பட்டமும் பெற்றாய்!
    எங்கள் அனைவரின் இணைப்புப் பாலமாக இருந்த நீ
    இந்தியாவிலும் வெளிநாடுகளிலும் உன் தனித்திறமையால்
    முத்திரை பதித்த முத்தான மகன் நீ !

    வாழ்க்கை அனுபவங்களில் உன் வழிகாட்டுதல்கள்
    கலங்கரை விளக்காய் அமைந்தன.
    உன்னுடன் களித்த குழந்தைப்பருவம் இன்னும்
    என் மனதில் துள்ளி விளையாடுகின்றது!

    ஒளி மறைந்து விட்டது, ஆனால் இருள் இல்லை!
    எங்கள் இதயங்களில் ஒளியேற்றி உள்ளாய்!
    உன் ஒளியில் நடை பயில முயல்கிறோம் நாங்கள் !

    “தனி மனித உயர்வே சமுதாய உயர்வு” என்ற
    தாரக மந்திரத்தில் வள்ளவிளை இளைஞர்கள்
    இணைந்து உயர வேண்டும் என்ற தணியாத தாகம் கொண்ட நீ !
    ஆரம்பிக்க அச்சாணியாக இருந்தாய்! அதன் மூலம் வள்ளவிளை
    இளைஞர்கள் பெற்றப் பயன்கள் எண்ணிலடங்கா!

    உன்னுடைய உயர்ந்த எண்ணங்களை எங்கள் மனதில்
    விட்டுச் சென்றுள்ளாய் ! இல்லை விதைத்துச் சென்றுள்ளாய்!
    இறுதியாக நாம் இருவரும் பரிமாறிய
    “வேலைவாய்ப்பு விழிப்புணர்வு ஏற்படுத்துதல் மற்றும் போட்டித் தேர்வுகளில் அதிக எண்ணிக்கையில் பங்கு பெற செய்தல்”
    இன்னும் எழுத்துக்களாகவே உள்ளது.
    அன்பு நண்பன் ஜான் ஃபிரடி
    அமைதியாகி அனைவர் நெஞ்சங்களிலும்
    அணையா விளக்காகிவிட்டாய் !.

  10. Winnie paulose

    He will be missed,may his good soul Rest In Peace.

  11. May his soul Rest In Peace. May almighty God comfort those who mourn his loss, esp his loving family and friends.

    His thoughts and deeds will live for centuries to come.

  12. Edwin Jerome

    My best brother. I still feel his smiling face.

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