Mother Ship for KK fishermen

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This information is provided by Johnson R Franklin,Canada. Background: Our fishermen are engaged in three types of fishing: 1. subsistence fisheries engaged in day-to-day fishing mainly within the 12 Knots from shore;  2. Small scale fisheries, mainly engaged in livelihood … Continued

Top 10 demands of Fishermen – Dr. Vareethiah

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The Hindu Tamil Edition (19-Feb-2016) featured Dr. Vareethiah’s message under special section “Festival of Democracy – 2016”. Dr. Vareethia has covered points related to the below in his message. 1. பழவேற்காடு ஏரி, பக்கிங்காம் கால்வாய், மன்னார் கடல் பகுதிகளைச் சூழலியல் சீர்கேடுகளிலிருந்து பாதுகாக்கப் … Continued

Dr. Vareethiah received Vikatan Award

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Writer Vareethiah Konstantine’s received Vikatan Award for his book “பழவேற்காடு முதல் நீரோடி வரை” in சிறந்த கட்டுரைகள்” category. Award Ceremony was held in Chennai in January. congratulate him on this great moment and take pleasure in sharing the details about … Continued