• Initiatives for Education
    Initiatives for Education

    We support underprivileged students with good score and intentions to complete formal education via scholarship programs. We collaborate with other NGO's and Social Welfare foundations for this noble cause.

  • Community Development Programs
    Community Development Programs

    We conduct annual community development programs and work for the betterment of our society. We make use of public service agencies or government medium to bring forth changes into our community.

  • Knowledge workshops
    Knowledge workshops

    We conduct periodic knowledge workshops and quiz competitions to kindle educational interest within the student community. Eminent personnel from various area of interest come and conduct these seminars/workshops.

  • Public service initiatives
    Public service initiatives

    The technical arm of our community has a computer center at the heart of our village to serve the needs of our people. VICKS operates under a contracted mode to provide Internet browsing and Document editing functions for the people.

Recent Updates

VICKS Operation for the year 2017

Village Information, Communication, Knowledge and Services Center (VICKS) is serving the people in its potential from Aug 2012. To further enhance the service, the outcome of VACOVIDS General body 2016 has put forward... READ MORE

Mother Ship for KK fishermen

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This information is provided by Johnson R Franklin,Canada. Background: Our fishermen are engaged in three types of fishing: 1. subsistence fisheries engaged in day-to-day fishing mainly within the 12 Knots from shore;  2.... READ MORE

Top 10 demands of Fishermen – Dr. Vareethiah

The Hindu Tamil Edition (19-Feb-2016) featured Dr. Vareethiah’s message under special section “Festival of Democracy – 2016”. Dr. Vareethia has covered points related to the below in his message. 1. பழவேற்காடு ஏரி, பக்கிங்காம்... READ MORE

Vallavilai.com was started as a simple concept to connect people from the village of Vallavilai who were spread across the globe. It started as a simple website in the year 2005 and grew into a community development platform with the help of its members. In 2011, Vallavilai.com members created the Vallavilai Coastal Village Development Society (VACOVIDS) to help coordinate various initiatives for the community. One such initiative is the Village Information, Communication, Knowledge and Services Center (VICKS), which is serving the community by providing various computer related services. Read more…